Some prominent features

Below are some browser features I am convinced every evangelical Christian who uses the internet should covet

Image Blocking

Because not all web content we consume are created by Christians (let alone evangelical), saints will often suffer under the merciless hand of careless use of media files - such as featured images. Fortunately, many web remains sufficient even with the imagery part stripped,. LC browser provides saints with the option to load web pages without images as often as they can get away with.

Ads Blocking

While some others are simply reprobate by virtue (such as those about mediums and astrologies), the major issue with ads is again imagery abuse. Ad banners (including those of innocent goods or services) will often be found to feature images somewhat obscene or inappropriate. Encounter capable of the same torment as that from web page featured images - that threatens holiness.

Gross content blocking

LC browser is as well looking to take advantage of Google's SafeSearch API. While their standard must indeed be well below that which is set by evangelical Christian holiness (and therefore not sufficient on its own), it should ever be of material value for saints to know that their browser is tamed from gross or inappropriate content.

Clean start/landing page

Unlike with several other browsers, there is no need to root out (prior to first use) inappropriate homepage URLs, secular news feeds, shortcuts, etc that comes preset. Instead you have an essentially blank landing page with Url and search fields. The landing page could indeed have been actually blank were it not that I perceived value in keeping the search field. And of cause this preset Google search can be replaced with any other URLs of choice.

Sample screenshots


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