The likeChrist ministries seek to mobilize, through the enabling of the Lord, the further development of the LC browser with the main focus on features that should labour maximize internet-usage safety to the highest standards set by evangelical Christian holiness.

The LC Browser project is a derivative of this github open source. It is a WebView engine based browser (you may learn more about its technicallity from the FAQs).

Mejor modifications made todate:

  • Implemented an agressive image blocking approach. With the method used on the original source code, certain images types could still load (in possibly a 1:1 ratio). However the method implement now allows virtually no image element to load when enabled
  • Implemented an easily accessible images load checkbox. The check box used to toggle images loading on and off was located few layers below the main options menu. On the modified version, the check box is located on the main menu list.
  • Added a separate checkbox for the user to choose if they would like to auto disable image loading on browser startup. With this option enabled, images loading can still be toggled on for the current browser session using the toggle checkbox mentioned above.